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Jealous boyfriend drags girlfriend, jumps off 30-meter deep cliff in Carcar

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A jealous 25-year-old man, who was desperate to have his 21-year-old common-law wife to quit her job and return home with him to Balamban town, decided to end it all by jumping off a cliff in Carcar City and dragging along with him his startled partner.

Fortunately, both survived the fall from the 30-meter deep cliff in Sitio Tanawan, Barangay Guadalupe, Carcar City in southern Cebu at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

The couple — Roger Parangan and Rosenda Quindao — landed on thick vines which cushioned their fall and saved their lives, said Police Corporal Chuck Dayuja of the Carcar City Police Station in a phone interview.

Investigation showed that Parangan, who lives in Balamban town in western Cebu, visited his common-law wife, Quindao, who worked at a poultry farm in Sitio Tanawan, Barangay Guadalupe in Carcar City in southern Cebu, and they met near the cliff.

The common-law couple had been on a long distance relationship with Quindao deciding to work at the poultry farm because her partner, Parangan, was jobless at the moment.

Dayuja said that Quindao had been working at the poultry farm since the start of the coronavirus pandemic or in March this year.

On Wednesday, November 4, the woman had two female friends accompany her to meet Parangan. The woman’s friends kept their distance and heard the couple started to argue with the jealous Parangan wanting to have Quindao to quit her job and return home with him to Balamban.

At the height of their argument, Parangan suddenly covered the mouth of Quindao, held her tightly by the neck, then dragged her along with him to the edge of the cliff and jumped bringing her along with him.

“Seloso man kuno ning lakiha mao to nag away sila nadungog sa mga kauban unya mao naman to nga gi tabonan ang baba sa baye unya ang usa kakamot gi look dayung ambak,” said Dayuja.

(According to the Quindao’s friends, Parangan is a very jealous man and they heard them argue. And suddenly at the height of their argument, Parangan covered the mouth of Quindao, held her tightly, dragged her along the edge of the cliff and then he jumped bringing her along with him.)

Quindao’s shocked friends hurriedly called the police.

Rescuers later found both of them alive near the foot of the cliff where thick vines cushioned their fall and saving their lives.

Dayuja said that the couple were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

He said that the woman, Quindao, only suffered cuts and bruises and was released by the hospital after she was treated.

The man, Parangan, however, was admitted at the hospital for further tests.

Dayuja said that Quindao did not press charges against her common law husband, Parangan, but she asked that they break up and that he sign papers that would state that he would not bother her again.

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